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Teckraft can design simple to complex networks for your organization based on need, with various technologies and connectivity options that best fulfill your requirements of high availability and fall-back for small, medium and large scale networks complete with NOC (Network Operations Control) Centre deployments.
We have had extensive experience in the design and deployment of complex data centres for multi-national organizations covering all aspects of high-availability planning like power conditioning, climate control, network connectivity convergence and backups, server and storage housing, authentication and remote management, safety and security aspects like fire management and physical access control.
Teckraft's experts can help you arrive at optimum and scalable server capacities for current, short-term and long-term requirements in terms of CPU, RAM, RAID Levels, iCOD, with high availability features and fall-back mechanisms and redundancy, central or distributed computing with cluster and consolidation possibilities, virtualized environments and high-end technologies.
We carried out central, distributed and DR site storage infrastructure design and deployments for several organizations, that include NAS, SAN, Flash, etc. Our design covers current requirements and future scale-up requirements, on-line archives and backup on multi-RAID technologies, linking of storage infrastructures with mission-critical servers and point-in-time database backups; provisioning for test, development and production environments, etc.
Teckraft provides you with the expertise in time-tested and innovative methods of data backup management with various infrastructure possibilities as also the most efficient methods of DR planning and deployment of DR sites. We can suggest the best approaches to managing your organization's perimeter security and data safety against malware attacks, while also protecting you against spam, spyware and intrusion attacks.
We help you optimally plan your IT enabled and facility services covering: Department Printing / Scanning / Photostat Solution Implementation with User Accounting Digitization of Documents, Document Management Data and Multimedia Projection Systems Computerized Lighting Management Systems Biometrics and RF ID Based Identification, Time Office and Access Control Systems
Teckraft specializes in design and deployment of: Email and chat facilities setup and implementation Designing and Implementation of Voice over IP / Unified Communication over Enterprise Network Audio and Video Conferencing infrastructure with Data Collaboration facilities.
We provide efficient means and resources for your IT Support needs and also set up and maintain IT Helpdesks for several organizations. Our services cover Server and Storage Upkeep and Maintenance User-end PCs, Peripherals and Equipment Network Components like Modems, Switches and Routers Data Safety and AntiVirus/AntiSpam Controls Remote Network Management Remote System Administration, Terminal Emulation Vendor Management services include - Defining Clear SLAs and Deliverables Ensuring In-Warranty and Post-Warranty Service New Technology Proposal Analysis, vis-à-vis Business Priorities of Enterprise Vendor Handling.
Teckraft provides URS and System Analysis services that cover: Understanding User Requirements with Business Processes Software Integration and Data Porting across Systems in view Planning and Design for EDI across Systems/Locations Planning and Integration of External Systems with ERP and Other Applications.
Tradeoff between In-House Development, Outsourcing or Customizing an off-the-shelf product vis-à-vis requirement specifics and suitability
We help you plan your ERP implementation project in nitty-gritty detail with various considerations required time-to-go-live, project turn-around time, user base, departments to be covered and optimal licensing requirements.
Project planning is done for phased deployment preceded by user training and data migration plans to ensure that business continuity is maintained during the project implementation phase and achieve planned milestones without hiccups.
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