Digitization: An Urgent Need for Today’s SME

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Every SME needs Digitization: to Increase Efficiency, Accuracy, Speed and Quality; to Decrease Costs, Wastage and Turn-around Time.   Digitization What? Well, the word comes from binary digits, or bits – 0 and 1 that form the basis of storage … Continued

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The Role of Business Intelligence in ERP Systems

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Business Intelligence is an entrepreneur’s unfailing companion to aid correct decisions progressively in real time. What exactly is Business Intelligence? How does it help steer the organization’s business strategies? Business Intelligence (BI) means the transformation of raw business transaction data … Continued

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Why Does an Enterpreneur Need an ERP?

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The business world today has recognized digitization as inevitable and wants to use it to strategic advantage. The pressing need is to have a system that keeps you compliant and provides actionable information in real time for you to remain … Continued

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