Cimmra eProcurement Suite

A versatile Vendor Portal and Supplier Relationship Management Suite

Make Procurement a Profit Contributor

Reduce Costs of Business with Shorter Procurement Cycles and Expenditure. Create RFQs, Include Specifications and Drawings, Define Response Criteria and Float them within Seconds to the most Relevant Vendors.

Always Know Your Alternatives

Enhance PR Experience by refining your choice of Materials from Wider Specifications from Uploaded Vendor Catalogues

Create and Award Orders with Ease

Create and award Procurement Orders, provide an Order Execution Dashboard for your Suppliers and Receive Timely Order Execution Alerts.

Be Constantly Updated on Order Fulfillments

Fulfillment Tracking for Buyers and Material Requisitioners, Enable Actionable Information for Input QC and Warehouse Functionaries

Enable Faster Invoice Receipts and Processing

Share the Fruits of your Digitization Drive with your Suppliers, by allowing them to submit their Invoices electronically, Electronic Invoice Capture, Matching and Processing Workflow and Settlement as per Credit Term Availability
A good deal of the Buyer's time is used up in avoidable coordination: with the vendor, the user department, Warehouse and Accounts - just because the Buyer is central to the procurement activity. Not any more, as Cimmra eProcurement Suite relieves the Buyer of such additional "grunt-work", by providing the vendor-friendly features:
  • Apply for Empanelment/Onboarding as a Registered Supplier through a user-friendly web-enabled interface
  • Receive alerts on email/sms for RFQs served, Orders awarded, Feedback shared
  • Use a comprehensive Dashboard to transact business with your organization
  • Receive reminders for responding to RFQs, accept Orders and complete transaction loops
  • Post Quotations, accepting and execute Orders as per schedule
  • Post Advance Shipping Notes (ASN) and GST-Ready eInvoices for supplies made
  • Track status of Quotations, Material Acceptance by Goods Receipt Notes (GRN), eInvoice processing
  • Interface with Buyer, Warehouse, Accounts
  • Look up and download Statement of Accounts/Ledger
Cimmra eProcurement Suite takes the pain away from you by providing you a central platform to manage your vendors effectively. The system allows easy streamlining of:
  • Evaluating and approving Vendor Registration Applications through a flexible workflow and approval hierarchy
  • Streamline, Maintain and Synchronize Vendor Details Centrally across Multiple Systems
  • Periodically or Transaction-wise record Vendor Performance data on various pre-set parameters
  • Record Vendor Audit Findings, Share Findings Report and Monitor Overcoming of any Compliance Short-falls
  • Manage Vendor-related Issues and Grievances Effectivelly
  • Build, Approve and Maintain a Vendor-Material Sourcing List for Streamlined and Speedy Procurement Turn Around Time
Any anomalies as to what class of material will be procured by which Buyer and with what authority levels can well become a thing of the past. With Cimmra eProcurement Suite's Smart Sourcing capabilities,
  • Category-wise and case value-wise individuals and authorities can be pre-defined
  • Source-List of vendors pre-approved for material, volumes and locations
  • Easily manage all the events right from purchase requistions to RFx, Auctions, Quote Comparisons, Award of Purchase Orders - all bringing in transperency and accuracy in the Procurment Function
  • Afford complete Flexible Workflows and Approvals
  • Allocate share of business across multiple vendors based of their Quotes and System Credibility
  • Convert awarded orders into Contracts in a comprehensive Contracts Life Cycle Management (CLM) module
The approach of Cimmra eProcurement Suite is designed to make raising Purchase Requisitions and fulfilling them.
  • Raise PRs based on Items from the Material Master or Vendor Catalogues
  • Define and Manage separate Approval Workflows for PRs, based on Material, Service, Location, etc
  • No fresh entries: simply convert your PRs to become RFQs/RFXs
  • Your Order Formats Your Way: Customizable POs
  • Link Your Procurement to Cost Centres/Projects/Locations, Classified as Direct/Indirect
An expert and automated handling of your Accounts Payable is what you get when you go for Cimmra eProcurement Suite:
  • Define and Manage separate Approval Workflows for Purchase Invoices, based on multiple parameters
  • Integrate with any ERP to Post Purchase Invoices, Raise Payment Vouchers, Issue Payments directly
  • Share Payment Process Status at any stage with all stakeholders through the Cimmra eProcurement Suite Self-Service features
  • Vendors and Buyers can track Invoice Payment Accruals and Completion Status
  • Greatly reduce Vendor Invoice Processing, increase Accuracy through Automated Multi-way Matching
  • Built-in GST-Ready eInvoice Modulre, Versatile to convert ASN to eInvoice, raise non-PO and Contract Stage eInvoices
  • Enhance eInvoice utility by uploading hard-copy invoice and downloading eInvoice by Vendors for their Accounts
This comprehensive module handles all aspects of Contracts with in-depth features that cover everything needed to standardize and efficiently create and manage your all kinds of contracts - commercial or otherwise - for your organization.
  • Define and Manage Contract Authoring and Approving Roles and Workflow
  • Create and Maintain Multiple Contract Templates with Unique Approval Workflows
  • Create and Maintain a Contract Clause Library with Standardized Language and Unique Approval Workflows for each Clause
  • Efficient Contracts Calendar for Tracking Contract Milestones (Time, Events, Spending, Expiry, etc) with Alerts and Reminders
  • Version Control and Audit Trails for all Editions to Clauses and Contract Templates with History Records
  • Flexible and Parameterized Approval Workflow as common feature for all aspects of Contract Life Cycle Management

Eliminate Your Commodity Classification Woes

The Commodity Classifier supports industry-standard UNSPSC Classification Codes as well as any custom hierarchies

Maintain Vendor Master Sharpness and Accuracy

Procurement DQ Solutions and Services specifically designed for master and transactional data elements for accurate reporting and analysis

One-stop BI Solution for Procurement

Get the insights you need on your spend using Reports, Dashboard, Scorecards, MOLAP Cubesand best-in-class KPIs to spot Cost-Saving Opportunities, Performance Tracking, Process Improvements and Compliance Reporting.

Discover Your Cost Saving Opportunities

Explore Statistical Models for Strategic Sourcing, Aggregations and Optimization to zoom-in on Cost Saving Opportunities

Red-flag Your High-Risk Fraud Areas

Identify areas in your Procurement Function vulnerable to fraud using our NLP based Fraud Analyzer

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