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  • Smart Auctions that Go Beyond Callout-to-Contract
  • Any solution that just offers you merely Callout-to-Contract is holding back much more that you need – and deserve, as a forward-looking Head of Commercials
  • Bids Creator walks the extra mile by packing more punch with its feature-rich
  • Bids Creator maintains intuitive navigation and simplicity all over its user interface
  • Speedy Auction Setup aided by the Auction Setup Wizard – a simple-self-service config interface
  • Lookup-and-reference and analytics capability provides users access to their past auction events on the fly
  • Flexibility of Auctionables – Choose Goods, Services, Team Resources, Goods and Services, Single Instance or Annual Rate Contracts
  • Flexibility of Approach – Choose from a variety of Auction Types, Approaches and Conventions
  • Avoid Non-Responsive Quotes through Vendor Spec Acceptance
  • Effortless Bidding Process and Bid Revisions ensure Speed of Response from Bidders through Simplicity
  • Bids Creator is built on collective wisdom and best practices from Subject Matter Experts of Global Industry obtained and updated continuously in arriving at our latest versions on the best technology platforms
  • It is a matured, time-tested, industry-groomed solution that is stable, quick to configure and readied to use all by yourself in very simple steps (with nothing to customize at all), providing a speedier ROI, productive use of time, effort and resources.
  • Bids Creator is all about getting auctions set up, propagated, conducted and concluded in the least possible Callout-to-Contract turnaround time.
  • Simply sign up with your basic details and we'll provide you with 30 days' usage of 5 Reverse Auction Events completely free - with no obligations. Click here to Register Now!
  • Get BidsCreator to Contribute Savings to your Procurement Exercise at absolutely no expense!

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