The Success Secrets of SAP Business One

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Suitability, Sophistication and Simplicity

Did you know this? SAP Business One happens to be the World Leader* in ERP today. With nearly 60,000 customers around the globe and counting, SAP Business One has earned the distinction of being the fastest growing ERP application in the world!

It is worth understanding how an ERP Brand could make positive impact in the Small and Medium Enterprise Sector, benefiting them so much as to earn such a large-scale acceptance. SAP Business One has 40 country-specific versions in 25 languages implemented in 90+ countries, serviced by 1100 channel partners.


Three key needs of an SME are (i) adaptable to their evolving business procedures and practices, (ii) scalable for their ambitions and aspirations of growth, (iii) viable within current budgetary framework and finally (iv) relevant as an investment to remain useful no matter how their business grows – in volumes or business lines.

And the SME world’s favourite ERP solution, SAP Business One doesn’t disappoint you on either of the above counts! It is indeed functionally adaptable, operationally scalable, financially affordable and far as continuity of relevance goes, it makes perfect business sense, owing to its versatile product design approach.

Sophistication Simplified

Practically speaking from the user perspective, chief among the several advantages of SAP Business One are an easy-to-learn user interface, simplicity of intuitive feature layouts, independence to add user-defined fields and modify data field names, instant look up on transaction relationships and flexibility to define work-flows, roles and authorities as required, like in the maker-checker-approver parlance as well as self-service with respect to schedule creations and alerts.

Not only this, given SAP’s continuous research and development, SAP Business One lets you stay ahead in the race with its mobility solution: Not only can you receive alerts on critical transactions, inventory reorder levels, production stages and quality clearances on the move, but also post feedback, provide transaction approvals and authorize payments right from your smartphone or tablet – either on Windows, Android or iOS.

What’s in it for Me: An Entrepreneur’s Perspective

From any intelligent business solution, an entrepreneur looks forward to easing of their burden of data collection and detailed scrutiny to form the basis of business-critical decisions they take.

To aid this, they expect the most updated information on matters like market trends, pipeline, funnel and order bookings, raw material available, raw material in WIP, raw material ordered and in transit, raw material awaiting quality clearance, FG available in stock, FG available to promise by a date, production costing, production yield, consumption of utilities, resources and time for an activity, etc.

Falling back on system-driven processes, they would rather like to help themselves with this information on-the-fly, whenever they want, updated to the last transaction or “real time”. They appreciate the confidence the system provides them to take correct calculated decisions for strategic advantage.

What does it take for an ERP to succeed?

Anything that succeeds in the marketplace, has won hearts. SAP Business One is no exception to this rule. It has its own uniqueness that endears itself to SME Business Owners all over the world.

For one thing, SAP knows that regardless of size, all entrepreneurs have the same set of challenges that vary only in scale as they all have same functional processes. But while the large corporations have big budgets to streamline their processes on large ERP platforms, SMEs do not.

Which is why SAP Business One has a large heart and is built the way it is: it provides an SME with all core business functionalities as the default solution even if it is a single-person organization with just one user! Thus, it comes as a self-sufficient, composite solution.

Composite yet Modular: Harnessing the Best of Both Worlds…

The unique architectural build of SAP Business One covers all basic functionalities like Finance and Accounts, Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing Planning and Scheduling, Sales and Distribution, Services and Projects Management in its core solution, which explains why it is a composite solution.

It is also modular as industry-vertical wise necessities are aptly addressed through vertical-specific add-ons, which form a seamlessly integrated part of the solution – like in case of industries like Pharma, Food and Beverages, Discrete Manufacturing, Process Manufacturing, etc – each of which has its own uniqueness and complexities to be dealt into the system.

The philosophy behind this approach to SAP Business One’s architecture is to make the ERP solution financially more viable for the SME entrepreneur to pick and choose the solution for only their vertical, just to have their very own SAP Business One. Just like you make a van into an ambulance, a mobile library, a food truck… whatever you want!

The Proof of the Pudding is in Eating it!

Go ahead. Register for an on-demand Webinar on SAP Business One for your Industry today, and see for yourself how you stand to gain in a multi-faceted way.

Once you attend the Webinar, you can also take advantage of our Free Consultancy and Discovery Session for SMEs, offered as part of the Bharat ERP Program: an outcome of the MoU signed between SAP and the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME), Government of India.



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