Why Does an Enterpreneur Need an ERP?

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The business world today has recognized digitization as inevitable and wants to use it to strategic advantage. The pressing need is to have a system that keeps you compliant and provides actionable information in real time for you to remain in control of your business, constantly updated on operations, sensitive to change, on top of competition and future ready - always.

The Ever Changing Business Environment

Every business house today already uses computer-based systems of various kinds to capture and store data electronically. Most of these systems provide detailed reports based on such data which represent the business performance achieved so far. But what about reliable forecasts? Tomorrow’s decisions to be taken today? Today’s decisions to be taken now?

In today’s scenario, doing business, managing competition to stay in business and simultaneously keeping up efforts to excel in business has become quite challenging, and staying in charge of matters that can be controlled is an unavoidable necessity of each business house today.

Applying a Long Lasting Change

It is not new that business houses have had to adapt to the changing technologies, laws and market conditions to keep moving ahead at a greater speed than their competitors. But the call of the hour is for each business house to become speedily responsive to business drivers – for which, one needs to constantly derive actionable information from the business data as it is being generated right now, with each transaction carried out.

To take decisions and trigger action as a data-driven organization every business house requires to develop a culture of dynamically capturing, storing and portraying this precious data – as it continuously becomes available – to derive intelligence out of it in a manner such that business decisions can be aided. Business intelligence is dynamic in real time, and presents more value and power by being most recent and relevant, than reports derived from static past data regarded earlier as information.

Getting Your Act Right

A situation in which such data-based intelligence becomes available and can be used to improve operational efficiency, grab new business / revenue opportunities, and accomplish a better position in a market place as compared to their competitors and increase profits is the dream of every business owner.

If you appreciate the solution is to have a singular platform that becomes a means of capturing and housing all business-critical data, interlinked with all the processes of an organization, it is an Enterprise Resource Planning system or an ERP as it is popularly known.

An ERP becomes your organization’s nerve centre that provides you central control on your business, its budgets and spending, economics of inventory management and critical logistics, finances, quality and operations as well statutory and tax related compliances under its complete scope.

However, attaining this position of becoming a data-driven company that is constantly responsive to market forces, is always driven by a strong desire of an entrepreneur to make a resolute, definite strategic decision to move in this direction – by acquiring and implementing the most suitable ERP solution.

Doing it Right the First Time

To become a fully efficient, data-driven company, it is very important for the business to reach a stage where an organization approaches each decision by analysing relevant data. However, working with it can become tedious: what you should pay for is SIMPLICITY. This can come from two key decisions – One, choose the right ERP for your enterprise: one that is functionally flexible, operationally scalable and economically affordable. Two, choose the right implementation partner with a track record of having provided business critical solutions to a variety of clients within and outside the country. There is nothing you want to gamble on, or leave to chance. The best decision is to never settle for anything less than world-class, when all the future of your business depends on it. Yes, world-class stuff also comes in small, affordable packages too. Like SAP Business One!

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